Watermark Title Agency is underwritten by one of the top title insurance underwriters in the United States – First American.


Our Title Insurance Provider

Watermark Title is an agent for, and is underwritten by, one of the top national title insurance providers.

Watermark Title has chosen this underwriter due to the quality of their insurance coverage, their long-term financial solvency, as well as their support when navigating the sometimes difficult nuances of our client’s real estate transactions in providing clear title and ownership.

What this means for you is more options, both in terms of competitive pricing and exceptional service. Not all title insurance companies – and by extension the coverage they offer – are the same. Also, not all real estate transactions are the same. Depending on the situation, we keep this in mind as we decide which underwriter to use on a particular file. We want the best for you.

Our Underwriter is First American.

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