April 2016 Minneapolis/St. Paul Housing Market Update

Interesting. We’re really in a seller’s market again. The news nationally is that the housing market is seeing some difficulty with low inventory. **Reminder; all real estate is local. Thus, local stats and analysis are necessary for our Minneapolis/St. Paul metro market.

This video from MAAR (Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors) puts into a nice, short, perspective, the YTD stats (through March) that can be found elsewhere from our local MLS system.

Summarized, the analysis is; A) We have a very low inventory. We’re at just over 2 months of housing inventory. This means we’re in a seller’s market, and that there are more buyer’s than homes available. A balanced market (between buyer’s and seller’s, is defined as roughly 5-6 months of inventory/supply. B) This low inventory has slowed down the number of sales, thus overall sales transactions are down – YTD – by @ 20%. C) This low inventory, which creates the seller’s market with more buyer’s than homes available has caused housing prices to increase, by over 5% so far, YTD. Some prime areas in our local market have seen significantly larger increases in pricing, YTD. Again, supply and demand.  D) I’ll add: I’m hearing from bother lenders and realtors, about lender’s appraisal issues again (coming in low – it’s been a couple/few years since the last outbreak of this plague: And I call it a plague this time, as I’m not terribly worried about the fundamentals of current home value increases – my only concern is for the mid and long term with respect to what an increase in interest rates above 5.5/6.0% will do).

The takeaway for Sellers, or people considering selling their home: Get your home on the market. The timing is optimal.
The takeaway for Buyers: Be prepared to get into multiple offer scenarios. Be comfortable with this notion. Follow the lead of your Realtor in how best to navigate this process, and also when you’re reaching the upper limit on fair market value for your prospective home. Have your lender’s pre-approval letter ready, and don’t ‘sleep on it’ overnight, or over the weekend, if you think it’s the right home. Aggressively move on it right away. It will most likely be gone when you awake in the morning.

Interest Rates Increase Slows Down Recent Mortgage Refinance Run

This article – from Mortgage News Daily – lays out details on the recent uptick in interest rates, which has slowed down volume of the recent refinance run. This most recent refinance run lasted roughly 3-4 months. It was good for both the lending, and the title side, but now we’re back to the usual, spring uptick in rates – similar to the usual spring uptick in gas prices (supply and demand…somewhat).

Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul Promotional Video

The organization called ‘Greater MSP’ has put together this great, promotional video of the accomplishments of our Minneapolis + St. Paul, 16-county, metropolitan-area. The goal of Greater MSP is to improve business, economic, living and recreation conditions for the greater MSP area. There are some surprising (golf, for starters) statistics stated in this video.

For being located right in the middle of flyover country, the Twin Cities are a veritable powerhouse in terms of per capita, or simple, outright comparison.

This message can be appreciated by any person who is a part of, or anybody thinking of becoming a part of our area.

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